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To learn about our company, Genealogy Research Associates, visit

You may reach us at our telephone number, (801) 363-FIND, fax, (801) 363-1315, or by mail, 139 East South Temple, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

About Genealogy Research Associates

Genealogy Research Associates, Inc. (GRA), is a leading provider of professional research, educational products, and innovative genealogical services.

In the past 12 years, GRA has been providing extensive family search services for national clientele.  In addition, GRA has been employed to search tax records, computer databases, probate, and other court records to locate missing heirs or parents of adopted children.  GRA also provides consulting services to solve difficult problems, prepare research plans, and evaluate personal records.

Some users of the Internet are unsure how to evaluate and use the information they find.  Others don't know how to send for the original documents that will give the additional information they need.

Our Corporate Mission

To enable people to find their ancestors faster and easier by:
  • Simplifying the research process.
  • Providing practical educational training.
  • Preserving primary original documents.
  • Creating innovative information technologies.

We realize many people do not have the time to do this on their own so we also:

A Brief Overview

Genealogy Research Associates, Inc. has helped over 157,000 clients between March 1997 and 2002.  We have been working for people since 1985.

We help people trace their families to their earliest ancestors in America and often to their ancestral home.  In addition, we have been employed to help locate missing heirs or natural parents of adopted children by searching tax records, computer databases, probate and other court records.

To save our clients time, effort, and the high cost of travel to perform research in unexplored areas, we have traveled for them to localities where the records have not been microfilmed, to do original research.

But, we can do even more.  Perhaps you need help deciphering the handwriting in an old document, a foreign record or computerizing years' worth of accumulated information.

If you are as enthusiastic about research as we are and would rather do the research on your own, we can consult with you about how to solve a difficult problem.  This consultation will include a complete evaluation of the records you have and a personalized research plan.

Other GRA Research and Search Services

GRA offers a complete solution for your record search or family history research needs, whether you are a beginning or long-time professional.  GRA services include:



Our facilities have all the major electronic databases on the market for researching your family nationwide.  Also, we have immediate access to the holdings of the Family History Library (the largest genealogical library in the world), located only two blocks away from our Salt Lake City office.  Many projects can be done in-house, saving you considerable time and expense.

About the GRA Staff

Genealogists are not required by law to be licensed or certified.  However, all those who do research for GRA have received professional genealogical training and are tested and credentialed by at least one of these programs:



Although every researcher at GRA is experienced and each has a unique research ability with credentials that reflect his or her advanced skills and years of educational and professional development, no genealogist can tell you from the beginning how long a search will take or what will be found.

For example, if a census taker missed your ancestor's house, even the best genealogist will not be able to find his or her name in that census.  But, out trained experts will certainly recommend other records as substitutes if the records exist.  Plus, every project is supervised and evaluated, and a personalized report is prepared before the search results are sent to you.  This valuable report is a unique benefit of GRA's research services.

Our Pledge To You

It is our policy at Genealogy Research Associates to provide each client with a report that includes:
  • the research goal and scope of the project.
  • the sources searched, whether or not they produced positive results.
  • an itemization of all fees.
  • objectives and suggestions on what should be done next.

Reports are produced every six weeks unless contracted for a short period.


Copyright © 2002-2003 Genealogy Research Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.